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2009 Sony Predictions

21. Dezember 2008, 19:01:35 Uhr:

Here are my predictions for 2009:

Here are my predictions for 2009.


#1: Kommentar von Chris am 22. Dezember 2008, 19:32:43 Uhr:
What about back-illuminated sensors? As well, I think an a700 upgrade is going to happen, they need to develop a faster shutter that can take advantage of the sensor's readout speeds. Maybe 8fps, Bionz II, and the a900's AF module, and the ability to shoot at full fps in lower light?
Michael Hohner antwortet:
Back-illuminated sensors make most sense for small-pixel sensors, ie. those for small P&S cameras. They were not developed for DSLRs.

I did not list a α700 successor because I don't expect one.

#2: Kommentar von JHG am 24. Dezember 2008, 00:30:46 Uhr:
Any chance to have HD video included on a new camera, ala Canon 5D II or Nikon D90? What do you think?
Michael Hohner antwortet:
I don't know.
#3: Kommentar von Alexramos am 5. Januar 2009, 04:43:01 Uhr:
Hi Michael...

I think is very probably a a200/a300 sustitute (only one model) with the a700 sensor, LV and video and a new CMOS sensor APS-C for a700 sustitute.
#4: Kommentar von Sky_walker am 2. März 2009, 19:47:57 Uhr:
replay to JHG's comment: I seen somewhere a rumor that Sony plans to make Alpha 200/300 successor which would contain full HD video with AF, as well as the 'moving LCD' thing, and several other enhancements. However I didn't heard anything about the sensor size nor LV in it (yet it seems obvious that it'd have both LV and 14MPx sensor making it more like a A350 successor than 200/300.)
#5: Kommentar von Vietto am 25. März 2009, 09:40:12 Uhr:
have you some news/infomation about a new camera to replace the a700, somethink like a750/800n there are many rumors on the network.

I'm looking for a new camera and I don't like if after one month of my buy sony release the successor of the a700.

Michael Hohner antwortet:
I do not have information about such a camera, and I do not pay much attention to rumors (because most are just made up).
#6: Kommentar von Pepe am 9. Mai 2009, 02:06:09 Uhr:
Well seems like you where right about the entry level replacement.
But that new 28-75mm is a Tamron design Sony branded finally, sounds to me like it's some kind of a "bone" for those expecting something else for the A900.
I was hoping sooo much for those two fast fixed wides!
Not that the 35/1,4 isn't a good lens, but is expensive for an old design...
And the 28 and 35 f/2 are lost in the nature or overpriced.
Isn't there a demand for this gap?? I'm sure they would sell a lot of Alpha mount Distagons!
Michael Hohner antwortet:
Well, the 28-75 is not yet released, and it looks like just a re-release of the Minolta version, so I claim half a point, there :-)
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