Lens tech data for Minolta AF 85/1.4 G (D)

Image: Minolta, used by permission
NameMinolta AF 85/1.4 G (D)
Mount typeA-mount
Release year2000
Manufacturer's order code2677-118
Minimum aperture22
Aperture blades9, circular
Optical construction
Minimum focus distance85 cm
Maximum magnification1:7.87 (0.13×)
Focus designfront, floating
AF drivein-body motor
D functionyes
Lens buttons1
Focus range limiter
Tripod mount
Other featuresdistance scale
Dimensions and weight
Minimum length [mm]72.5
Maximum length [mm]87.5
Maximum diameter [mm]81.5
Filter diameter [mm]/type72/front
Weight [g] nominal/net/gross550/unknown/632
Hood mountbayonet
Hood shaperound
Hood part number6677-810
Filter rotates when focusingno
Length changes when focusingyes
Focus ring rotates in AF modeno
Construction and accessories
Weather sealingno
Mount materialsteel
Standard accessoriesfront cap, rear cap, hood, pouch LS-2400
Optional accessoriescase LH-1053
Lens ID27
Commentssame design as older version
Reviews & linksKlaus Schroiff on photozone.de (full review), PopPhoto (full review)
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Readers' comments

#1: Comment posted by sam on November 16th, 2013 - 03:54:33 AM:
Good Morning. I'm sam.
I'm wondering the compatibility of 85mm non-D hood and D Type hood.
Is it possible to use D Type hood to non-D Type Lens?
Please reply my e-mail.
Thank you.
Michael Hohner answers:
Well, both lenses have the same filter size, and both have a bayonet hood mount. There's a good chance, but the hoods may still be different enough to not allow cross-use. I have neither of the two lenses, so I can't try.
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