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Mozilla Firefox
I recommend using Firefox 8 or later. There are no known issues for the latest version.
MS Internet Explorer
IE 6 is a stone age browser. Nobody should be using it. IE 7 has massive problems with CSS2 and PNG. There are problems when viewing pages with Google Translate and Live Translate. IE 8 has fewer problems, but despite Microsoft's claims, IE 8 is still not standards compliant and has severe rendering bugs. IE 9 has resolved some and added new problems. This web site contains many workarounds for IE. Some functionality is restricted when using IE. I strongly recommend using a decent browser instead of IE.
The latest Opera version has some Javascript problems. Functionality is slightly restricted.
Google Chrome
Older versions have minor problems with CSS. Version 10 or later is fine.
Version 4 has minor problems with CSS. Version 5 works fine.

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