Minolta/Konica Minolta/Sony Alpha camera bodies

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This is a tech data sheet of all Minolta/­Konica Minolta/­Sony Alpha bodies. All bodies are listed, including older versions.

Bodies are color-coded as follows:

Announced body
Current body
Discontinued body

Brands are highlighted as follows:

Minolta, Konica Minolta

Whenever there's a “?” or empty space in the table, I do not know the data. If you have that specific body, or when you have a model not listed yet, and you can provide the data, please contact me and I'll update the table as soon as possible.

Data for announced products should be considered preliminary. Exact data often isn't known until after the actual release. You should not rely on data for announced products to be correct.

The data displayed is for the indicated firmware version. Earlier firmware versions may have lower functionality or performance.


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Last update: June 20th, 2024

Digital bodies (NEX and ILCE; E-mount)

Sony ILCE-1, A1, α1

Sony ILCE-9M3, A9 Ⅲ, α9 Ⅲ

Sony ILCE-9M2, A9 Ⅱ, α9 Ⅱ

Sony ILCE-9, A9, α9

Sony ILCE-7RM5, A7R Ⅴ, α7R Ⅴ

Sony ILCE-7RM4A, A7R Ⅳa, α7R Ⅳa

Sony ILCE-7RM3A, A7R Ⅲa, α7R Ⅲa

Sony ILCE-7RM4, A7R Ⅳ, α7R Ⅳ

Sony ILCE-7RM3, A7R Ⅲ, α7R Ⅲ

Sony ILCE-7RM2, A7R Ⅱ, α7R Ⅱ

Sony ILCE-7R, A7R, α7R

Sony ZV-E1

Sony ILCE-7SM3, A7S Ⅲ, α7S Ⅲ

Sony ILCE-7SM2, A7S Ⅱ, α7S Ⅱ

Sony ILCE-7S, A7S, α7S

Sony ILCE-7C Ⅱ, A7C Ⅱ, α7C Ⅱ

Sony ILCE-7CR, A7CR, α7CR

Sony ILCE-7M4, A7 Ⅳ, α7 Ⅳ


Sony ILCE-7C, A7C, α7C

Sony ILCE-7M3, A7 Ⅲ, α7 Ⅲ

Sony ILCE-7M2, A7 Ⅱ, α7 Ⅱ

Sony ILCE-7, A7, α7

Sony NEX-7

Sony ILCE-6700, A6700, α6700

Sony ILME-FX30

Sony ILCE-6600, A6600, α6600

Sony ILCE-6100, A6100, α6100

Sony ILCE-6400, A6400, α6400

Sony ILCE-6500, A6500, α6500

Sony ILCE-6300, A6300, α6300

Sony ILCE-6000, A6000, α6000

Sony NEX-6

Sony ZV-E10

Sony ILCE-5100, A5100, α5100

Sony ILCE-5000, A5000, α5000

Sony NEX-5T

Sony NEX-5R

Sony NEX-5N

Sony NEX-5, NEX-5C (without Eye-Fi)

Sony NEX-3N

Sony ILCE-3000, A3000, A3500 (Asia Pacific, Australia, Latin America), ILCE-3500 (Asia Pacific, Australia, Latin America), α3000, α3500 (Asia Pacific, Australia, Latin America)

Sony NEX-F3

Sony NEX-C3

Sony NEX-3, NEX-3C (without Eye-Fi)


Digital bodies (DSLR, SLT and ILCA; A-mount)

Sony ILCA-99M2, A99 Ⅱ, α99 Ⅱ

Sony Alpha SLT-A99V, SLT-A99 (China, no GPS)

Sony Alpha DSLR-A900

Sony Alpha DSLR-A850

Sony ILCA-77M2, α77Ⅱ, A77Ⅱ

Sony Alpha SLT-A77V, SLT-A77 (China, no GPS)

Sony Alpha DSLR-A700

Konica Minolta Dynax 7D, α-7 Digital (Japan), Maxxum 7D (USA)

Sony ILCA-68, α68, A68

Sony Alpha SLT-A65V, SLT-A65 (China, no GPS)

Sony Alpha SLT-A58

Sony Alpha SLT-A57

Sony Alpha DSLR-A560

Sony Alpha SLT-A55V, SLT-A55 (China, no GPS)

Sony Alpha DSLR-A580

Sony Alpha DSLR-A500

Sony Alpha DSLR-A550

Sony Alpha DSLR-A100

Konica Minolta Dynax 5D, α-Sweet Digital (Japan), Maxxum 5D (USA)

Sony Alpha DSLR-A450

Sony Alpha SLT-A37

Sony Alpha SLT-A35

Sony Alpha SLT-A33

Sony Alpha DSLR-A390

Sony Alpha DSLR-A380

Sony Alpha DSLR-A330

Sony Alpha DSLR-A350

Sony Alpha DSLR-A300

Sony Alpha DSLR-A290

Sony Alpha DSLR-A230

Sony Alpha DSLR-A200

Minolta RD-175, Agfa ActionCam

Minolta MS-C1100

Minolta SB-70S, SB-90S (USA), SB-70, SB-90 (Japan)

System camcorders (NEX; E-mount)

(This section is currently not maintained)

Sony PXW-FS7 Ⅱ

Sony PXW-FS7

Sony NEX-FS700E, NEX-FS700J (Japan), NEX-FS700N (Latin America), NEX-FS700R (4K), NEX-FS700U (USA)

Sony NEX-FS100E, NEX-FS100C (China), NEX-FS100N (Latin America), NEX-FS100P (Pacific), NEX-FS100U (USA)

Sony PXW-FS5 Ⅱ

Sony PXW-FS5


Sony NEX-VG900E, NEX-VG900 (Japan, USA)

Sony NEX-VG30E, NEX-VG30 (Japan, USA)

Sony NEX-VG20E, NEX-VG20 (Japan, USA)

Sony NEX-VG10E, NEX-VG10A (USA), NEX-VG10J (Japan)

Film bodies (A-mount)

Minolta Dynax 9Ti, α-9Ti (Japan), Maxxum 9Ti (USA)

Minolta Dynax 9, α-9 (Japan), Maxxum 9 (USA)

Minolta Dynax 9xi, α-9xi (Japan), Maxxum 9xi (USA)

Minolta 9000AF, α-9000 (Japan), Maxxum 9000 (USA)

Minolta Dynax 800si, α-807si (Japan), Maxxum 800si (USA)

Minolta Dynax 8000i, α-8700i (Japan), Maxxum 8000i (USA)

Minolta Dynax 7 Limited, α-7 Limited (Japan)

Minolta Dynax 7, α-7 (China (2001), with Chinese, English, Japanese language; data memory for 18 rolls), α-7 (Japan), Maxxum 7 (USA)

Minolta Dynax 700si, α-707si (Japan), Maxxum 700si (USA)

Minolta Dynax 7xi, α-7xi (Japan), α-7xiP (Japan), Maxxum 7xi (USA)

Minolta Dynax 7000i, α-7700i (Japan), Maxxum 7000i (USA)

Minolta 7000AF, α-7000 (Japan), Maxxum 7000 (USA)

Minolta Dynax 60, α-70 (Japan), Maxxum 70 (USA)

Minolta Dynax 600si Classic, α-507si (Japan), Maxxum 600si Classic (USA), Maxxum 650si Panorama Date (USA)

Minolta Dynax 5, α-5 (China), α-Sweet Ⅱ (Japan), Maxxum 5 (USA)

Minolta Dynax 505si Super, α-Sweet (Japan), Maxxum XTsi (USA)

Minolta Dynax 505si, Maxxum HTsi plus (USA)

Minolta Maxxum HTsi (USA)

Minolta Dynax 500si Super, α-303si Super (Japan), 550si Panorama Date (USA), Maxxum 500si (USA), Maxxum 500si Super (USA), Maxxum RZ 530si (USA)

Minolta Dynax 500si, α-303si (Japan), Maxxum 400si (USA), Maxxum 450si Panorama Date (USA), Maxxum RZ 430si (USA)

Minolta Dynax 5xi, α-5xi (Japan), α-5xiP (Japan), Maxxum 5xi (USA)

Minolta Dynax 5000i, α-5700i (Japan), Maxxum 5000i (USA)

Minolta 5000AF, α-5000 (Japan), Maxxum 5000 (USA)

Minolta Dynax 40/ Dynax 30, α-50 (China), Maxxum 50 (USA)

Minolta Dynax 4, α-3 (China), α-Sweet Ⅱ L (Japan), Dynax 3 (Asia Pacific), Maxxum 4 (USA)

Minolta Dynax 404si, α-Sweet S (Japan), Maxxum STsi (USA)

Minolta Dynax 3L, Maxxum 3 (USA), Maxxum GT (USA)

Minolta Dynax 303si, α-360si (Japan), Maxxum QTsi (USA)

Minolta Dynax 300si, α-101si (Japan), Maxxum 300si (USA), Maxxum 350si Panorama Date (USA), Maxxum Panorama Elite (USA), Maxxum RZ 330si (USA)

Minolta Dynax 3xi, α-3xi (Japan), α-3xiP (Japan), Maxxum 3xi (USA)

Minolta Dynax 3000i, α-3700i (Japan), Maxxum 3000i (USA)

Minolta Dynax SPxi, α-SPxi (Japan), Maxxum SPxi (USA)

Minolta Dynax 2xi, α-2xi (Japan), Maxxum 2xi (USA)