Camera tech data for Minolta Dynax 300si

NameMinolta Dynax 300si , α-101si (Japan), Maxxum 300si (USA), Maxxum 350si Panorama Date (USA), Maxxum Panorama Elite (USA), Maxxum RZ 330si (USA)
Mount typeA-mount
Supported lensesclassic, xi
Release year1995
AF sensors1 line
AF range [EV]−1 – 17
AF modesAF-A
AF assist lightno
Custom functions
Other features
Metering modes8 segments
Metering range [EV] (with spot)1 – 20 (-)
Auto Exposure Lock buttonno
Exposure modesP
Subject programsportrait, landscape, closeup, sport, night portrait
Exposure compensation [stops] (steps [stops])
Flash shoe typeiISO
Accessory shoe capSC-1000
Flash modesnormal, red-eye reduction, slow sync
Flash meteringCW-TTL
Requires D flash unitno
Flash guide number [m]/ coverage [mm]12/28
X-Sync speed [s]1/90
High Speed Syncno
Wireless flash yes
Wireless x-sync speed [s]unknown
Wireless HSSno
Ratio flash controlno
Flash exposure compensation [stops] (steps [stops])
Studio flash socketno
Compatible with DR-1000no
Viewfinder typepentamirror
Viewfinder coverage90%
Viewfinder magnification0.75×
Eye relief [mm]/ from frame [mm]unknown
ScreensG (default)
Diopter adjustment [diopters]-1
Eyepiece cupfixed
Viewfinder accessory compatibleno
Frame rate [fps]1
Frame rate with AF [fps]unknown
Shutter speed (still) [s]30 – 1/2000
Timer for Bulb exposuresno
Self-timer [s]10
Bracketing frames (stops)
Multiple exposures
Remote release socket
Wireless remote release
Release priorityno
Depth of field previewno
Aperture can be changed during depth of field previewno
Silent depth of field previewno
Film features
Leader outno
ISO overrideno
IR safeno
Batteries1× 2CR5
Battery pack
Vertical grip
External power supply
Construction and accessories
Weather sealingno
Mount materialpolycarbonate
Weight [g]380
Standard accessoriesstrap, body cap, batteries
Data saver
Date backQD model
Commentsno MF
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