Help wanted

September 24th, 2006 - 04:16:57 PM:

I recently have added the order number and lens ID to the lens table. Unfortunately this information is very uncomplete, especially for older lenses. That's why I'm asking everybody to contribute this information before it becomes unavailable. The order numbers are often found on the original packaging, and the lens IDs are contained in the EXIF information of pictures taken with the corresponding lens. If you can't read out the lens ID yourself you can send in JPGs, too. These have to be taken with the 7D or 5D and must not have been manipulated with an image processing program. The quality and content doesn't matter. So just set the camera to the lowest quality and resolution and take a picture of an evenly colored surface. Then send the picture via the contact form and add a note about which lens was used (refer to table). Thank you!