2009 Sony Predictions

December 21st, 2008 - 07:01:35 PM:

Here are my predictions for 2009:

  • Sony will not release a $6000 camera. The α900 will stay the top-of-the-line camera from Sony.
  • Sony will release new lenses, especially some of the primes that were previewed at PMA 2007. They will also release previously unshown designs, especially mid-aperture full-frame zooms, like a 24-105/4 SSM.
  • None of the old Minolta designs will re-appear in a Sony dress. Those who want back the 400/4.5 or 200/2.8 will have to rely on the second hand market. Future lenses will all be new Sony or Carl Zeiss designs.
  • No Tamron design will appear as a Sony branded lens. Sony will have their own designs.
  • There will be a successor of the DT 11-18, but it will not be the Tamron 10-24 design.
  • New cameras will appear in the entry segment, replacing the α200.