Sony releases 28-75/2.8 SAM and DT 30/2.8 Macro SAM

August 27th, 2009 - 07:29:02 PM:

Together with the three new cameras Sony also releases two of the lenses previewed at PMA. These are:

Sony Alpha 28-75/2.8 SAM

28-75/2.8 SAM

This lens is almost identical with the Konica Minolta 28-75/2.8, which in turn is a variation of the Tamron 28-75/2.8. Sony has updated the lens to feature the SAM in-lens AF motor and a zoom lock switch. The new version is also slightly heavier and doesn't focus as closely as the old version.

This lens is also sold in a bundle with the new Sony α850.

Sony Alpha DT 30/2.8 Macro SAM

DT 30/2.8 Macro SAM

This is a new design, a short 1:1 macro lens for APS-C cameras. It's the APS-C equivalent of the 50/2.8 Macro. While it was already announced at PMA that this is a 30/2.8, the complete tech data are only made public now.