Minolta/Konica Minolta/Sony Alpha camera bodies

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This is a tech data sheet of all Minolta/Konica Minolta/Sony Alpha bodies. All bodies are listed, including older versions.

Bodies are color-coded as follows:

Announced body
Current body
Discontinued body

Brands are highlighted as follows:

Minolta, Konica Minolta

Whenever there's a “?” or empty space in the table, I do not know the data. If you have that specific body, or when you have a model not listed yet, and you can provide the data, please contact me and I'll update the table as soon as possible.

Data for announced products should be considered preliminary. Exact data often isn't known until after the actual release. You should not rely on data for announced products to be correct.

The data displayed is for the indicated firmware version. Earlier firmware versions may have lower functionality or performance.


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Last update: July 22nd, 2019

Film bodies (A-mount)

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  Image Name Supported lenses Release year AF sensors AF range [EV] AF modes AF assist light Metering modes Metering range [EV] Metering range with spot meter [EV] AEL button Exposure modes Subject programs Exposure comp. [stops] (steps [stops]) Accessory shoe cap Flash modes Flash GN [m] Coverage [mm] X-Sync speed Wireless flash Wireless x-sync speed Flash exposure comp. [stops] (steps [stops]) DR-1000 compatible Viewfinder type Viewfinder coverage Viewfinder mag. Screens Eyepiece cup Viewfinder accessory compatible Frame rate [fps] Shutter speed [s] Remote release socket Wireless remote release ISO override IR safe Mount material Batteries Battery pack Weight [g] Date back Comments Reviews & links

Minolta Dynax 7000i, α-7700i (Japan), Maxxum 7000i (USA) classic 1988 3 line 0 – 18 AF-A yes 6 segments, center-weighted, spot 0 – 20 ? yes P with shift, A, S, M cards ± 4 (1/2) SC-7 normal 1/125 no Cards yes pentaprism 92% × 94% 0.84 G (default), L, S EC-7 yes 3 30 – 1/4000, B Minolta/Sony 3-pin IR-1N yes yes steel 1× 2CR5 590 DB-7, PB-7 custom functions available via card; special color alpha model available

Minolta Dynax 303si, α-360si (Japan), Maxxum QTsi (USA) classic, xi 1999 1 line −1 – 18 AF-A, AF-S, AF-C no 2 segments 4 – 20 no P portrait, landscape, closeup, sport, night portrait SC-1000 normal, red-eye reduction, slow sync 12 28 1/90 yes 1/45 no pentamirror 90% 0.75 G (default) fixed no 1 30 – 1/2000 no no polycarbonate 2× CR2 BP-100 (4× AA) 340 QD model