Exposure meter tech data for Minolta Auto Meter Ⅴ F

Image: Minolta, used by permission
NameMinolta Auto Meter Ⅴ F
Release year2002
Metering range [EV] at ISO 100-2.0 – 19.9
Aperture range (stops)1.0 – 128.0 (1/10)
Exposure time range ambient (stops)30 min. – 1/8000 s (1/1, 1/2, 1/3)
Exposure time range with flash (stops)1 s – 1/1000 s (1/1, 1/2, 1/3)
ISO range (stops)3–8000 (1/3)
Repeatability [EV]0.1
Number of memory places2
Standard accessoriesspherical diffuser, strap, case
Optional accessoriesFlat Diffuser, Viewfinder 5°, Reflected-Light Attachment Ⅱ, Mini Receptor, Sync Cord Ⅲ
Batteries1× AA
FeaturesDifference metering, Analyze function, Exposure calculation function (S/A/H), Monitor function, and Indication correcting function (-10 to +10, 0.1 stop)
Weight [g]125
Commentsnow sold as Kenko KFM-1100
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