Changes to the lens table and camera table

May 20th, 2009 - 09:39:35 AM:

I have made two changes to the equipment tables:

  1. With digital cameras it's becoming harder to decide which setting is considered a “custom function” or a normal operational parameter. Especially with more modern user interfaces, where you can change the same setting with a dedicated button, directly on the rear display or in the menu, the line between custom functions and normal settings is blurred further. I have therefore decided to remove this field for digital cameras. It remains in the table of film cameras.
  2. With the announcement of SAM lenses there are now three types of AF drives in lenses. Therefore the field “SSM” was changed to “AF drive” and contains the type of AF drive in a lens. For teleconvertes the field now indicates which types of AF drives in lenses are supported by the TC.